custom acrylic templates and rulers

Custom acrylic laser templates –we can design and cut any shape or pattern piece that makes your work easier.  We can engrave your shops logo into it for a truly customized and finished look.

Custom acrylic rulers – can be made to your individual pattern piece, your shops logo can be engrave on the product if you like.

custom pre-cut pre-fused fabric projects

Pre-cut, pre-fused fabric projects – these appliqué kits are a great solution for Row by Row or other shop projects.  The pieces are pre pre-fused and cut with exacting precision on our industrial laser; all you have to do is pull back the paper press with an iron and stitch around the edges.

What is the process to getting a fabric project made and produced?

  • You choose a pattern and send it to us, we scan it digitally it into our laser; cut each piece with exacting precision on our industrial laser from the fabric that you have chosen and sent in for the project. Then the pre-cut, pre-fused, raw edged pieces are packaged into kits.  Directions can be included in the project, if you like, or just the pre-cut, pre-fused pieces.

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