About Us:

Fanatical Fusions is a custom laser production company geared to servicing the needs of the quilting and sewing industry.  The company was founded by Lisa Anderson as a division of Fabric Fanatics, a brick and mortar / e-commerce store located in Plano, TX founded in 2002.

We produce custom laser cut and engraved rulers and templates for quilters as well as other laser gift items all to make the sewing and quilting experience more efficient.  At Fanatical Fusions we produce and make available to our customers, pre-cut pre-fused laser cut fabric projects that save you time and effort and produce fabulous quilts. We work with our clientele to put custom projects together to suit their needs for each individual need.

All products are made in the USA and most are made in Fanatical Fusions own facilities.  Our items are sold to wholesale and to retailers on our e-commerce site and in our own store as well as at quilting markets.