Fanatical Fusions FAQ’s

What is included in a pre-cut pre-fuse fabric project? – As these are custom projects these can vary, however, the following are usually included;

  • All pattern pieces cut into fabric and pre-fused
  • Background fabric, sent by client
  • Any trim or specialty items that the patterns call for, sent by client
  • Direction card with picture of final project

How long does it take to have a fabric project made, acrylic laser template, or acrylic ruler and how much do they cost? – Each can vary in time depending upon difficulty of the pattern and the number of pieces and the amount of that you want produced.  It is best that you contact us to get a quote.

What type and thickness of acrylic is used? Either .25” or .125” clear or colored acrylic can be used from a selection of 4 colors.    Engraved areas can be pained in a selection of 6 colors.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?  No

Do I have to own a business to purchase product from Fanatical Fusions?  If you want to purchase as a wholesaler you must be a business owner or business buyer with a Sales Tax and Use ID Number.  If you are purchasing items for your own use as a non business owner than feel free to use our retail site.


What if I forgot my Account Password?
At any time when you are asked for your Username and Password you have the option to click on Lost password? to receive a password reminder.

How can I search for products on your web site?  There are two ways to search, you can click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the page and an area will come up for you to type in what you are looking for.  When you are in the Shop page on the left side you may use the “Search by product name field” section and enter the product name.  Below that you can as well click on the category you are looking for merchandise in and that category will show all that is available.

Can I add to an order after I have submitted it to you online?
Typically we are unable to add to orders that have already been submitted. If you need to add product it is best to submit an additional order.  Please be certain to include everything you need before submitting.

What happens if I back order products on your website? Do I pay for them when I order them?
You will not pay for any back ordered merchandise until it ships. When a back ordered product comes in-stock, we will call you. We prefer to speak with you before shipping in case you have something else to add to the order. Back orders will not be shipped without your approval.

How long will items that I leave in the shopping cart are saved for?  Items are saved in the shopping cart as long as you leave them there.

Is there a minimum order requirement? There is no minimum for in stock items.  For custom laser items the minimum for rulers is 12 pieces for templates the minimum is 6 pieces.  For custom fabric projects the minimum for Row by Row is 25 kits and for BOM is 12 kits.

What are your shipping methods?  UPS and FedEX and USPS

What are your shipping fees?   The shipping cost is based on the weight of each individual package

Do you ship products outside the United States?  Yes we do.  International currency exchange rates apply along with international shipping rates and times.

How can I pay for my order?
Credit Cards: VISA®, MasterCard®, or American Express® , Paypal, large orders terms can be discussed

Will my credit card be charged immediately? Your credit card will be charged when the merchandise is shipped.


Is this website secure?   The website is secured by a SSL Certificate

I have a general question, how do I contact you?
You may contact us using one of the following options:

Contact information:

[email protected]


624 Haggard St. Suite 706 Plano, TX. 75074


What is your privacy policy?

We will never share your e-mail address or personal information with any third parties. Any information collected on this website will be used for fraud control, order verification or internal marketing purposes only. For more details on our privacy policy, we may install cookies to track shopping patterns.